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Digital Literacy Resources

Digital literacy is "having the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep up with changes in technology (ABC Life Literacy, 2024).

Connect for Learning

Skills Hub for Digital Skills

Digital Learn

Fundamental Digital Skills 

Adult Literacy Resources

"Literacy is the ability to use printed and written information to function in society, to achieve one's goals, and to develop one's knowledge and potential" (NCES, 2003). 

The West Coast Reader

ABC Life Literacy


Activate Learning

Adult Students
Notebook & Pad

Volunteer Resources

"Volunteering connects us to our communities, helps us make new friends and makes us feel a sense of achievement from helping others" (BC CRN, 2023).

Tutor's Guide: Working With Adults

KPAL Resource Catalogue:

Click on the links below to see our online catalogue.


Borrow these items to use with your learner. To request any items, please contact a KPAL coordinator or visit the KPAL office. 


These are high-interest, low-vocabulary books. Each page includes a captivating photograph and one or two short sentences. The photographs reflect the text, making the words easier to decode. Activities are available for each book.



The main characters reach a turning point in their lives. Some decide to take a risk and pursue their dream. Others must make or adapt to challenging changes in their lives. Emergent readers will appreciate these easy-to-read books. 


Good Reads

Short Books. Easy Stories. Great Authors. Welcome to Good Reads-novellas by best selling Canadian authors. 


Quick Reads

Short novels from bestselling authors in the UK. The collection, written for emergent readers, includes tales of crime, romance, adventure, and mystery.


Rapid Reads

Short, high-interest novels with compelling characters. Reading levels: 2.0-6.0. Ideal for ESL and literacy programs.



These easy-to-read biographies—written at a Grade 2 level—portray the lives of famous First Nations (First Nations Series) and Canadian (Maple Leaf Series) figures. The well-organized chapters, glossaries, and discussion questions can be used to promote pre-, during, and post-reading strategies. The photographs, maps, and illustrations reflect the text, making the words easier to decode. Each biography contains 48 pages—long enough to narrate fully each person’s story—but short enough for beginner readers. There are workbook activities for each biography. 

Community Resources

Kamloops has many community organizations that benefit adult learners and their families.

Thompson-Nicola Regional Library

Literacy in Kamloops

Street School

Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society

Browsing in a Bookshop
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