About KPAL

Kamloops Partner Assisted Learning (KPAL)

What is KPAL?

· A free one to one tutoring program for adults

Who does KPAL help?

· Adult learners who want to get better at reading, writing, or math

· Adult learners who want help with smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices

Who runs KPAL?

· The KPAL Coordinator who works with with LinK (Literacy in Kamloops)

· Volunteer Tutors!

How does KPAL work?

· Adult learners contact KPAL and do a free reading, writing, and/or math assessment

· The KPAL coordinator matches the learner with a volunteer tutor

What is the schedule?

· It’s flexible – the learner and their tutor decide on a convenient schedule that works for both of them

Where do learners and tutors meet?

· Usually in a public place like a coffee shop, a public library, or Street School

What are the tutor’s responsibilities?

· To support the learner in meeting their personal learning goals

· Tutors are trained and provided with a tutoring guide and other helpful materials

· Tutors are supported by the KPAL Coordinator

How can I get help from KPAL?

· Contact the KPAL coordinator:

o Phone or text at 778-257-9223

How can I become a KPAL tutor?

· Contact the KPAL coordinator:

o Phone or text at 778-257-9223

· Submit to a Criminal Record Check

What if I have more questions?

· Contact the KPAL Coordinator!